The Banana Pepper Sauce Story

"A great banana pepper sauce starts with great banana peppers."
- Ancient philosopher


The story of our banana pepper sauce is exceptionally simple: We are two friends who love banana peppers and condiments. 

One day, while sharing a banana pepper and bacon pizza, we wondered if a banana pepper sauce existed. To our surprise, the answer was no. So, we decided to experiment and make a banana pepper sauce.

We spent a few years experimenting with different ingredients and textures. We scoured farms and markets in search of the best peppers and shipped 100-pound buckets of banana pepper mash across the country for testing. 

After many test batches, we decided it was time to give the world some banana pepper sauce with our Spicy Original Banana Pepper Sauce as our initial product.


Ben and Pat's Sauce Company (formerly Hyattsville Sauce Company) was founded by two college friends with an interest in condiments and a taste for banana peppers.

Our mission is to create great tasting banana pepper condiments using simple ingredients. We want to showcase the natural flavor of the pepper while making balanced products. We do our best to support American farmers and businesses and we're proud to source our peppers and manufacture our products in the United States.

Finally, we love to experiment. We are always testing new flavors and trying to create new products. We do this because trying new things is fun.

Ben and Pat's Sauce Co - First Batch