Banana Pepper Sauce + Lime Mayo Recipe



Mayo is good, BPS + Lime mayo is even better. If you love mayo, you'll love this recipe. One of our favorite elements of our Banana Pepper Sauce is how versatile it is. Specifically, it's great as an ingredient in existing recipes.

One of our first experiments with mixing BPS with mayo and it was immediately obvious it was a perfect combo. We add a squeeze of lime for some fresh citrus. The creamy texture of mayo combined with the hot tang of our BPS is a great sauce for tacos, burgers, and sandwiches. Or maybe dip some crackers into it. The world is yours.


Equal parts Banana Pepper Sauce and high quality mayo.

Half of a lime


In a small mixing bowl, stir Banana Pepper Sauce and Mayo together. Squeeze lime juice and continue to mix until blended.